CX Management Competencies: A Guide For African Professionals & Businesses 
(eBook & Self-Assessment)

  • Author: deBBie akwara
  • Included: One (1) EBook
  • Included: Self Assessment
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From The Author

Africa is uniquely distinct, and one of the reasons why African professionals and businesses struggle to  reap the benefits associated with effective CX management is contextualization. Africa's  distinctiveness is not embedded in the design and adoption of global CX management competencies. 

Africa is about Africans, so to master the competencies, the competencies have to speak to African professionals and businesses as singular individuals chasing one goal; to build a successful career either in business or as an employee.

Did you know there is a direct correlation between the career readiness competencies and the competencies you need to be proficient in as a CX and non-CX professional? 

Read my book; Customer Experience (CX) Management Competencies: A Guide For African Businesses and Professionals and then rate your CX management competency proficiency level.

Along the lines of my proposed competencies for African professionals and businesses, will you be a Novice, an Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient or an Expert?

Find out now and share your thoughts with me online!

Have a good one.

deBBie akwara, CMC, XMP
Pan Africanism CX Advocate

About the eBook

The eBook"Customer Experience Management Competencies: A Guide for African Professionals and Businesses" by deBBie akwara provides a comprehensive guide for African professionals and businesses to understand the competencies required to effectively manage customer experience.

It covers the seven competencies deBBie proposes as she highlights the importance of understanding the unique challenges faced by CX professionals in Africa and the need for developing unique CX management competencies.

The eBook provides practical insights, tools, and techniques to help businesses in Africa to achieve their CX goals and create a better experience for their customers.
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Meet The Author

deBBie akwara

deBBie akwara is a leading CX entrepreneur & educator in Africa. She is the founder/CEO at Niche Customer Experience Group; an integrated CX management advisory, training and solution provider in Africa on a mission to grow businesses in Africa one CX at a time using Africa inspired structures, frameworks and methodologies.

Prior to Niche, she led CX success in the banking, telecommunications & education. Overall, deBBie has 20+ years of multi-sector experience. CX successes she's recorded included but not limited to an increase in; product adoption by 2567%, industry customer service ranking by 18.7%, 30% improvement in contact centre quality management performance & revenue generation from CX of up to NGN300 million.

As an advocate for CX education in Africa, deBBie (via Niche Institute of CX & Innovation) launched Africa's 1st globally recognized CX certification courses in partnership with the Institute of Customer Management, UK. The courses are a trio of certifications for Frontline employees (CSEE), business managers (CCEM), leaders (CCEP) & CX-related consultants (CCEPR).

deBBie is on a mission to grow businesses one CX at a time across and build the CX management capabilities of professionals in Africa that will drive business growth and increase profitability.

deBBie is a 4-time top 50 global CX thought leader i.e. 2020/21/22/23 and in 2023, she was recognized as a top 100 global multidisciplinary thought leader i.e. customer loyalty, customer experience, education technology, project management, design thinking and business strategy. In 2022/23, she was recognized as a top 50 thought leader in Africa.

She is an author, a mom, humanitarian & is always looking for new opportunities to learn about CX, connect with professionals & impact the practice of CEM in Africa & globally.
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