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    C-Suite & Internal Stakeholder Management Course

    The course is designed for business professionals responsible or accountable for managing company-wide customer experience activities for improved customer satisfaction and retention.
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    Improve your strategic CX management skills.

    In this course, you will understand about the customer experience management competencies, meaning and importance of the C-Suite & internal stakeholders and how to manage the C-Suite and internal stakeholders to drive customer experience success.

    Get a certificate of participation

    Complete the program, pass the post course assessment scoring a minimum of 70% and get a certificate of participation demonstrating a commitment to your personal and professional development.
    Meet the instructor

    deBBie akwara

    deBBie akwara is a customer experience consulting practitioner with 20+ years of experience in sales, relationship management, customer service, human resource management, total quality management, brand and marketing, business development and customer experience management. 
    She is the founder and CEO at Niche Customer Experience Group and the chief academic officer at the Niche Institute of Customer Experience and Innovation.
    deBBie is a top 50 globally recognized CX thought leader and influencer, a top 50 thought leader and influencer in Africa, a certified experience management professional and a certified management consultant.
    Currently, deBBie is a fellow at the African Women Entrepreneurship Corporative (AWEC).
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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