Certified Customer Experience Practitioner (CCEPR) 

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  • Become a CCEPR
  • Level: Expert
  • Study time: 10 hours
  • Videos: 6
  • Exams: 5 + Assignments
  • File Downloads: 7 PDFs
Course overview
This customer experience training and certification program is designed for customer service and customer experience consultants and service providers seeking a best-practice and Africa-specific approach to helping businesses attract customers, satisfy customers, retain customers and improve the customer service/experience management capabilities of business teams.

The program is a 6-module customer experience (CX) certification course that will equip participants with a deep theoretical, and practical understanding of the required knowledge and skills they need to lead customer experience transformation and success in their organizations or as it relates to their current roles. 
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Certification included
The CCEPR certification is accredited by the World Certification Institute; The Global Authority on Occupational Certification.

Certification Requirements, Terms & Conditions

  • Professional must that have completed the CCEP certification (level 3) or have any other recognized and equivalent CX certification
  • Professional must have 20+ years of experience and/or currently in consulting
  • To become a CCEPR, participants are required to complete all course modules & assignments, score no less than 70% in the modules/final examinations and no less than 50% in the capstone project.
  • If participant fails to meet the course completion criteria, he/she is required to pay 40% of the course fee to repeat the program
Meet the instructor

deBBie akwara

deBBie akwara is a customer experience consulting practitioner with 20+ years of experience in sales, relationship management, customer service, human resource management, total quality management, brand and marketing, business development and customer experience management . 

She is the founder and CEO at Niche Customer Experience Group and the chief academic officer at the Niche Institute of Customer Experience and Innovation.

deBBie is a top 50 globally recognized CX thought leader and influencer, a top 50 thought leader and influencer in Africa, a certified experience management professional and a certified management consultant.
Currently, deBBie is a fellow at the African Women Entrepreneurship Corporative (AWEC).
Patrick Jones - Course author
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