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Welcome to the Niche Institute of Customer Experience and Innovation (NICXI), a research institute on a mission to unlock sustainable business growth in Africa through consumer research, human capital development and technology. 

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What Professionals Say About Their Learning Experience

Our goal is to empower and support you to be a MODEL i.e. MULTICULTURAL, OPTIMISTIC, DETERMINED, ENTERPRISING and a LEARNER-LEADER-LEARNER customer management professional or practitioner standing out in both local and international communities and contributing to the growth if businesses in Africa, one customer experience at a time.

Ikenna Ifeaka, CCEM
I had been looking for resources and courses to help me improve my customer management skills. I told my boss about my search and although she recommended a Western CX certification, the cost of the certification was above my budget. In my continued search, I discovered the CCEM CX certification course and the modules addressed my needs. The course was beyond my expectation.

deBBie akwara took me on a journey that was deep and I acquired a lot of hands on experience especially on modules with assignments. It has equipped me with a lot.

I started implementing the learnings right away and was nominated to join the team working on our annual customer feedback survey. I made a lot of valuable contributions in designing the questions, deploying the survey and acting on insights from the survey. I must thank deBBie and the NICXI team for taking customer service people on a journey to improving customer experiences in Africa.
Bella Azubuike, CCEM
I had been in customer service for a while and wanted more. In my quest for more, I started following CX thought leaders online and it triggered my need to professionally learn more about the concepts, principles and practices of CX management.

NICXI offered me more through the CCEM CX certification. It was an amazing, intense, exciting, interesting and phenomenal learning experience. It took me on a journey from what I used to know to what I needed to know. The scenarios used in the program were African and not far fetched so I could relate with and learnt how the brands could have done things differently.

Going through the program has made me a more valuable member of my team while working on group projects.
Benard Okokon, CCEM
I was promoted and moved from a sales role to become the CX manager in my company without any prior CX experience so I needed a theoretical and practical CX training/certification which the NICXI gave me and so more.

The CCEM was theoretical, practical, engaging and insightful and my line managers have acknowledged an improvement in my output. It is not the typical training you will find in Nigeria and it felt like I had a Harvard experience.

Now, I feel confident about my CX management capabilities. I have the background and a backbone to lean on as NICXI has made my NICHE my natural habitat."
Ijeoma Nwankpele, MILR, CCEP
The CCEP CX Certification course is different from every other certification because you really have to prove your competence theoretically and practically to become certified and I became certified on my second attempt.

My expectations were exceeded. It wasn't a computer-based-test certification type but included a test of everything you have learnt certifying a transition from knowledge to skill.

It was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time because I was trying to move all departments in my organization from only focusing on service delivery to focusing on the overall experience. The CCEP certification answered my why, what to do, how to do it, how to sustain my successes, measure the outcome and the roadmap to continuous improvement.

The program has helped me a lot giving me a clear blueprint, roadmap to get to where I am going and it was worth the experience. I have gained more confidence and improved my competencies to manage customer experience end to end.
Irene Edemirukewa, CCEP, CIPM

I came into the role of Group Head, CX very green and knew nothing about it so I reached out to a friend online to recommend a training. I was not looking for a generic 1 or 2 months training but needed a training delivered by an institute because in an institute, you are systematically taken through what you should do in the role you occupy and the NICXI gave me that via the CCEP CX certification program.The program helped me understand my role very clearly and how it affects the hospital where I work.

Prior to the training, I was thinking about what I do as PX and how it affects me but right now, I am seeing the value of thinking differently and I am very excited.

The content of the course is very applicable and not off the shelf which makes it very impactful. Specifically, the customer feedback management and customer experience management operations modules has helped me put systems/structures in place to empower people to function in my absence and break silos making internal stakeholders less defensive respectively.

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Courses are designed to boost customer management and innovation capabilities taking into cognizance global trends and providing African context.
Courses are designed by subject-matter experts with hands-on multidisciplinary experience in various job roles of up to 50 years.
Our understanding of the career roadmap, aspirations and key performance indicators of African professionals has inspired the quality and design of our courses.

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